First and foremost, we love what we do. Watching our athletes pursue their dreams with passion and helping local businesses hilight what makes their company special, is not only our job, but it is what drives us. Not only do we consider it a privilege to be the ones to capture these moments for you, it is the best part of our day - to watch your eyes light up when you get to see your passion reflected in our images, is priceless

Here at Apeiro it is our goal to provide our clients with photographs that turn their most important adventures into an infinite memory. This is why we chose the name apeiro, which is derived from the Ancient Greek word for infinite. 

We are very proud to be a 100% woman owned business. Does this make us better than any other photography business? No. But it does mean that we understand the intrinsic nature that drives individuals to be and do their best, simply because doing well is what satisfies the soul. We want to be our best every day, and every day, we work to capture you being and doing your best. 

So what is your next adventure? Whether it be business, sports, or whatever else speaks to your soul, call us ... we will capture it for you. 


Crystal, Sam & Shana 

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A moment lasts but a few seconds ...
the memory is infinite.